Chocolate courgette muffins

Baking has become a bit more difficult for me lately, as I was having some issues and had to start following a very restrictive diet. This diet is slowly coming to an end (thank god!) so I can… Read More


Macarons, the finest dessert of finest desserts. Who wouldn’t love them? (Well, I actually know a few people who are not really fond of macarons, but that’s mostly because they never tried a really good macaron with a… Read More

Triple chocolate muffins

Recently I’ve been working on easy, simple recipes. I wanted to create something you can make within reasonable time, quite easily without going crazy gathering lots of ingredients you don’t normally have at home. Also, haven’t you been… Read More

Forest Moss Cake

Oh my god, it’s green! 🙂 It’s green, fluffy and full of fruit… and spinach. Yes, spinach. I wouldn’t expect spinach to be a part of a cake, but when you think about it, why not? When we… Read More